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Aircraft Tracking Avionics, (A.T.A.)
, Australia

A.T.A. stock virtual radar receiver detector equipment & accessories for real time, live surveillance, tracking & navigation for both Aviation  ADS-B (Aircraft / plane / flight /  1090MHz ) & Marine A.I.S.  (Shipping  / vhf ).

supply ADS-B & AIS antennas & accessories for added performance / range of fixed & mobile / portable ADS-B & A.I.S. equipment.

A.T.A. are suppliers to
Government Departments, Military, Emergency Services, Industry, Airports and enthusiasts.

Personal service.

A.T.A. stock the premium brands of:  

- Acknowledged world leaders in serious quality virtual radar tracking receiver instruments
    SBS-3 ADS-B aircraft, & AIS marine & SDR radio receiver.
This premium, professional quality, high performance flight tracking receiver combines ADS-B aircraft tracking, AIS marine tracking, and SDR multiband radio, including ACARS decoding.
Both USB & ethernet
connection in a single unit.
The standard SBS-3 product kit includes the receiver, ADS-B magnetic base antenna, VHF wire antenna, computer cable and software CD. No extra hidden cost for 3rd party decoding or annual network fees.
Professional product used by Government Departments, Military, Industry, large & small Airports, and enthusiasts. 
Also used by Ham radio enthusiasts to locate aircraft for 'Aircraft Enhanced Propagation' radio system to extend radio range . 
For increased range, fixed or mobile (including marine / ship) applications, as well as for ethernet/internet communication, we also stock a comprehensive range of antennas & accessories to suit,  - see below.     
Price : $899.00 (includes GST & postage anywhere in Australia) IN STOCK NOW
April Special Discount offer: When you order an SBS-3, ask for a 15% discount off any Antenna Performance kit to be supplied in same delivery.

1090Puck ADS-B aircraft tracking compact radar receiver  

This special new product offers the same excellent, dedicated ADS-B superior reception performance as the renowned Kinetic SBS-3, uses the same BaseStation software, but a more compact size, and at a lower price than the SBS-3. Ideally suited for mobile/portable applications as well. 
Displays aircraft real time tracking on a radar type screen and also in tabular form like air traffic control.
The product pack includes Puck receiver, ADS-B magnetic base antenna, computer USB cable & software CD - nothing else needed to immediately start aircraft surveillance on your computer. No extra hidden cost for 3rd party decoding or annual network fees.
The 1090Puck has similar features to the original respected SBS-1, but more powerful.

For increased range, fixed or mobile applications, we also stock a comprehensive range of antennas & accessories to suit,  - see below. 
Price : $475.00 (includes GST & postage anywhere in Australia)  
.(For more details, including latest downloads see Kinetic SBS-3 info page.)
April Special Discount offer: Ask for $40 discount off a 1090Puck if purchased with any Accessory Antenna Performance Kit, in the same delivery.

Digital Yacht, UK, Products - leaders in marine navigation equipment

Live marine / ship  virtual navigation tracking receiver radar equipment.

Very compact, economically priced, quality, portable equipment to use with a PC or laptop for marine / shipping radar surveillance or navigation. Powered from USB - no need for separate external power supply. (Various antenna types, also available, at modest extra cost.)
Want a compact marine AIS navigation / ship radar surveillance system for an economic price?
See CMP-2 product kit on .

PRICE: $309.00 (including GST & post within Australia).  
April Special Discount offer: Ask for $40 discount
off an MP-2 mariner's pack which includes AIS100-USB AIS receiver, magnetic base VHF antenna and GPS receiver.  

A.T.A., Australia - accessories product range for ADS-B & AIS receivers

ntennas & accessories specifically for ADS-B & AIS, including cables, adapters, amplifiers, power supplies, GPS USB dongles, AIS system packages, antenna mounts, etc
-Fixed or mobile solutions.
Cost effective performance upgrades at very competitive prices for Australia, Asia and other countries.
For details see
Antenna Accessories  page on our website.
For prices
see Prices & Ordering page.
   Marine Navigation Kits  -  Portable, compact marine/ship tracking kits including AIS receiver, GPS receiver dongle and antenna, to use in conjunction with a tablet or notebook computer for surveillance, navigation, charting & plotting.

   Antenna performance kits to greatly increase coverage / range of ADS-B aircraft surveillance receivers generally. The performance (or range) of your ADS-B receiver is only as good as your antenna system! Special Promotion offer:  Reduced price of $149.00 for AAPK6 antenna performance kit.
   ADS-B (1090 MHz) tuned Antennas  for premium performance (= range) - suits AirNav RadarBox, Kinetic SBS, PlaneGadget-Radar and other ADS-B receivers
   Masthead amplifier kits and complete antenna performance package kits (ADS-B & VHF) - see picture on Antenna Accessories page .
Antennas for AIS Marine,
ACARS, aircraft airband radio, SDR radio, etc
. NEW PRODUCT: VHF Whip antenna (tuned for AIS frequency) with BNC plug to fit directly to AIS100-USB to make a complete, compact, portable AIS receiver system.
   Ethernet/Internet kit to suit Kinetic SBS-3 when using ethernet/internet connection. Includes USB 2.1 amp mains AC power supply plus 1.2 metre ethernet patch cable.

   USB 2.1 amp, mains AC power supply adapter to power Kinetic SBS-3 when using ethernet/internet connection .
   Antenna mounts  (for magnetic and non-magnetic mounting). Range includes strong suction cup antenna mount for use on smooth, non-steel surfaces such as fibreglass boats, windows, etc (no need for screws, holes or steel surface for magnet), and also external bracket mount (for fixing on horizontal, vertical surfaces or poles) to take variety of magnetic base antennas.
   USB GPS dongles to use with AIS plotting / navigation .
   Adapters - A variety of different applicable co-ax adapters for easy connection from one type of connector fitting to another, even to iPhone.

We can also quote on custom made antennas for commercial projects, etc .

Aircraft Tracking Avionics are :



Kinetic Avionic Products homepage


WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS OF: A.T.A. ANTENNAS range  of specialised ADS-B, A.I.S. & VHF antennas & accessories.


Next generation Marine navigation equipment

* Aircraft
ADS-B & Marine AIS -  the new, accurate technology for real time surveillance, navigation & tracking for aircraft and marine
(incorporating GPS technology)
 Displayed on your computer screen, like traffic control radar with extra data. Easy to instal and operate.                .
Data displayed includes identification, position, speed, direction, etc. of each aircraft or vessel - see  Example Radar Screen & Plane chart.
 ADS-B data displayed as circular format on map or in tabular form.

 Works in conjunction with various chart plotting software.  
 For government, commercial and industry professionals - as well as plane & ship spotters, aircraft, boating & radio enthusiasts
 Useful instrument also for locating aircraft for 'Aircraft Enhanced Propagation' radio system to extend radio range 

 * For New Zealand, and Asia, contact us for special Export Prices (GST exempt), including postage.   ( Please check that ADS-B or AIS receivers are allowed to be imported in to your country.)

* Stock of  receivers & antenna accessories carried in Melbourne for prompt delivery - we aim to despatch within 1 working day.

* Our prices include GST and also free Postage to anywhere in Australia for orders over $60  (Can send by Express Post at extra charge) .

* No surcharge for Visa or Master Card

* 12 months warranty- backed by us and the manufacturers

Aircraft Tracking Avionics email:  

A.T.A.:    ABN: 56006167399


( Enquiries from interested resellers welcome )